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Payment solutions to fit your needs

Billers need a collaborative partner to serve the needs of their business and customers. PayGen takes pride in providing solutions tailored to your industry and in supporting the specific needs of your customers. With expertise in many industries, including financial services, insurance, loan services, healthcare and utilities, we have features and functionality to support the unique requirements of your business.

Making it Easy
to Bill Customers and Receive Payments

Featured Industries

  • Financial Services

  • Insurance

  • Loan Services

  • Healthcare

  • Utilities

Exceeding Expectations

  • Mobile Everything

  • Seamless Digital Experience

  • Multiple Payment Methods

  • Always Available

  • Real-time Notifications

Organizational Roles

  • Treasury

  • Finance

  • Billing

  • Account Receivables

  • Technology

Tailored Solutions

We pride ourselves on providing solutions tailored to your industry and in supporting the specific needs of your customers. Talk to us about your business, we will listen.

Having a broad range of billing, payment and collections needs, the Financial Services industry require flexibility and processing choices when implementing a bill pay solution. With over 500 configurations and our Plug-In integration architecture, PayGen can service your business with a tailored solution that meets your unique requirements.

Timing of payments is critical for insurance issuers who manage policy cancellations. Getting a real-time notification when a payment is received on a delinquent policy prevents undue processing costs associated with policy terminations and leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Information about a loan payment is just as important as the loan payment itself. Having options to capture the payment details and provide those details to your ERP systems is paramount to servicing your customers and managing their account balances. Preventing payment acceptance when a stop payment notice is in effect protects your business.

HIPAA-compliant payment processing is essential. We help you make it easy for patients to pay medical bills and health premiums, receive payment notifications as well as setup automated payments. Offering multiple ways for patients to make timely payments improves operational efficiency and reduces expenses.

Improve your customers payment experience by increasing adoption of digital engagement and payment channels. Reduce the number of payment related issues, such as service disruptions due to untimely payment postings, with real-time notifications to you and your customer when a payment is received. A seamless user experience allows customers to easily pay bills which in turn improves collections and reduces operational expenses.

Your customers want to do everything on their mobile device. You need mobile solutions that meet their expectations. Integrated with your mobile app, our MobileSDK enables secure, in-app acceptance of payments, access to billing and payment history and management of payment methods in your customer’s wallet. When using a mobile device, our WebPortal renders properly on any device, allowing your customers to pay from wherever they want for an optimal mobile experience.

Control your customer's digital payment experience and alleviate your compliance burden with our WebToolkit. Embed our pre-built payment components in your website for a seamless customer experience. Payment data and personal information is never stored on your servers and your customers never leave your site.

Multiple payment choices support consumers preferences for ACH, cards, digital wallets, RTP® and FedNowSM.

Anytime. Anywhere. Let your customers pay where and when they choose. PayGen offers 24 x 7 x 365 availability that you require. Our leading-edge architecture delivers data protection and high availability leveraging Microsoft Azure's cloud-native computing services for security, compliance and resiliency.

Real-time notifications keep your customers informed of bills due and payments processed. Real-time notifications can be delivered via APIs, messaging or files. Integration with your systems for real-time notifications is performed by PayGen.

Your treasury management team needs data and insights to manage your cash, your risk and your receivables. With real-time information about your customers payments and insights into their purchasing habits, you can monitor and analyze their behavior. When you know how and when your customers are paying you can reduce your DSO (days sales outstanding) and improve your cash forecasting.

PayGen delivers the automation, integration and customization your business demands to quickly optimize your operational efficiencies and return on investment.

Accounts receivable automation reduces errors, improves efficiency and increases visibility to your cash and liquidity. Real-time information and easy integration with your back office and treasury operations, improves your cash forecasting and reduces financial risk.

PayGen easily accommodates your custom reporting needs. You can get the information you want, when you need it, in the format that you specify. Streamline your operational processes and improve cash flow.

Reach your customers where and how they want to be contacted. Do they want to receive a text message that their bill is due with an option to "Pay Now"? Or is their preference to set up autopay and receive a notification once the payment has been processed? No matter what your customers preferences are, you need to support them.

Mobile Everything is our mantra - all our customer facing products and communications render properly on a mobile device.

PayGen will elevate your mobile presence with less friction and more payments! Reach your customers via email, text or mobile wallet. Anytime. Anywhere.

Automating the accounts receivable process is essential. You want to reduce manual processes and have quick and easy access to your receivables information. Integration with your back-office systems and processes will make reconciliation efficient and reduce errors. Implementing new, frictionless processes that will enable you to use your resources more effectively.

PayGen puts all the information you need at your fingertips. Our flexible plug-in architecture enables us to integrate with any system, in any format and we develop and maintain those interfaces.

Technology can differentiate your business and provide customer value. With so many companies undergoing digital transformations to stay competitive, choosing the right partner is paramount to your company's success.

When it comes to transforming your digital bill pay processes, you need a partner that understands your business and your customers and delivers innovative solutions. With more than 30 years of experience leading the digital bill pay space, PayGen works with your business to implement and deliver a digital solution that meets your unique needs.

Benefits realized for your technology teams:

  • Innovative products to ease your integration efforts and alleviate your compliance burden with our WebToolkit and MobileSDK

  • Cloud-native SaaS solution with real-time availability and access to data

  • Security and compliance managed by PayGen